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Strike Force Heroes 2 flash game

As a new recruit, you must prove yourself to the Heroes. Will they accept you? There are 5 seperate soldiers classes, each with different appearance, skills, killstreaks and hundreds of weapons. Meet the Strike Force Heroes 2 team: Engineer, Mercenary,...   play >>

Incursion flash game

Meet hot new Kingdom Rush like game Incursion. Your goal to defend the pass from the forces of Darkness. Train defenders and place them along the road to stop enemy attacks. Click on the barrack and choose the defender you want to train. You can train...   play >>

Jacksmith flash game

It's time to play new time manager flash game from Flipline Studios, creators of Papa Louie, Papa's Burgeria, Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Pancakeria, Papa's Wingeria, Papa's Freezeria and Papa's Taco Mia! Meet Jacksmith, a very talented Blacksmith, and his...   play >>

Takeover flash game

New great strategy flash game from creators of Tequila Zombies 2: Con Gusano and Cursed Treasure: Don't touch my gems! The Empire united all the countries of the continent Rivadis ages ago. For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its...   play >>

Knightmare Tower flash game

New flash game from creators of Burrito Bison, Burrito Bison Revenge and Bloom Defender - Juicy Beast Studio. At this time king wants you to save 10 daughters princesses from evil monsters in high Knightmare Tower. Knightmare Tower is not only launcher...   play >>

Intrusion 2 flash game

Intrusion 2 is a tactical sidescroller and action platformer with lots of physics. Game developed by vapgames (Aleksey Abramenko) and music composed by George Dziov's Android. Intrusion 2 is inspired by classic 16bit era sidescrollers and focuses on...   play >>

Tequila Zombies 2: Con Gusano flash game

New game from IriySoft, creator of great flash game Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems! - Tequila Zombies 2: Con Gusano. Zombies crosses your way once again. It all started when crowds of zombies and vampires crossed the mexican border instead of immigrants....   play >>

Wizard Walls flash game

Wizard Walls it's arcade defense online game featuring original gameplay, good music and awesome kingdom rush-like art. You have different missions during all 25 levels of Wizard Walls game. Save sheeps from stones and destroy all trolls - draw the line...   play >>

Zombotron 2 flash game

Welcome back to the planet "Zombotron", inhabited by human-mutants or just stupid zombies. New bio-robot arrived to Zombotron and Zombotron 2 begins. A good zombie - it's a dead zombie. Agree? Then you're not mistaken with the address. You will have...   play >>

Psychout flash game

In Psychout puzzle game you're a patient of a madhouse who've got a chance to escape. Accept the challenge of the madhouse maze that is full of puzzles. This is the world where reality and madness are harshly intertwined, where nothing is as it seems....   play >>

Paladog flash game

In a distant future. As the greed and selfishness of human was killing the mother earth, gods had no choice but to annihilate the entire human race. In place of Human, critters were given intelligence and established their own civilization. They worshipped...   play >>

Dungeon King: Dreadstorm Keep flash game

The minions of Vulkhan have ravaged the lands of Great Nothern Mountains unopposed. Crushing any hero brave enough to stand against them. Untill now... Fight your way deep into Dreadstorm Keep on a quest to defeat the evil dungeon lord Vulkhan in this...   play >>

Out of Wind flash game

Once upon a time in one small village everything was fine. The villagers' life were based on the Winds power. But suddenly the winds was gone. Help the villagers activate the mill! Reactivate a small village's windmills by strategically positioning underground...   play >>

Pirates of the stupid seas flash game

Yar, be there anything finer than sailing the Stupid Seas in search of treasure? Yes. There be many, many things. But I'm here, I've got me map, and me crew ain't going ta keelhaul themselves... Yar! - Captain James T. Stinkbeard Join Pirate Captain...   play >>

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 flash game

King needs Fancy Pants Man. Angry Bathtub Pirates have commendeered the royal tub! Go forth and be fancy in the Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3, sequel to the awesome Fancy Pants Adventures series. More challenges and surprises in the third world of adventures!...   play >>

Kingdom Rush flash game

The kingdom is under attack! It's Kingdom Rush! Protect your lands against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends, armed with a mighty arsenal of warriors and mages of your own! Build towers on the strategic points to stop the enemy...   play >>

Sky Defender: Joe's Story flash game

It's a true story of one man Who saved the world... Help Joe defend the Celestial Kingdom from Earth’s vicious barbarian hordes! Features two game modes and over thirty levels! CAMPAIGN MODE in Sky Defender: Joe's Story: You will accompany Joe on his...   play >>